Meet Grant Stinchfield: The man behind "Grant's Rant"

As the host of "Stinchfield" on Newsmax TV Grant has made it his mission to expose liberal lunacy and the ills of socialism.  Our American way of life is under attack.  It is our job to defend it.

As an avid sportsman and firearms enthusiast, Grant has made it one of his top missions to defend the Second Amendment. He's been around firearms since he was a child and, whether it was trapshooting with his father or running a tactical course with law enforcement, his love of guns compelled Grant to get his federal firearms license.

Each day on Newsmax and his fill in work as a conservative talk radio host, Grant focuses on the issues important to freedom-loving Americans. He's made a career of exposing government waste, fraud and abuse. And as a former four time Emmy Award-winning investigative reporter, Grant provides a unique insight into media bias and how the mainstream media actually operates.

Grant is also a successful entrepreneur. He has founded, bought and sold numerous businesses. He currently runs a long-haul trucking company as well as a large auto care business; both of those companies are located in Dallas, Texas.